Coming Soon to Pa Market ( Community Solar Farm.) 



Solar’s first-triple play, exclusively from Solareum Home & Renewables.

Get Solar Electric, Solar Heating & Battery Backup


This is the first ever “Solar Triple Play”. MYcrogryd & MYcrogryd+ are whole home solutions that can keeps your smarthome green and self sufficient acting as a mini power plant with luxury.

This includes:

  • Battery storage for no more power outages

  • High Efficiency Solar panels for maximum solar production

  • One of a kind Solareum SHS Max introducing for your panoramic heating needs up to 10,000 BTUs

AND…. A touch of luxury with our signature smart home system to control every setting in your home from monitoring to mood settings. Contact our specialists today for a free quote at no cost to you.


Solar Electricity

You own your home right? So why would it make sense for you to keep renting your electricity? Now is the time to take advantage of our ZERO down offerings to save you money today.

Take advantage of our ZERO $ down plan to go Green today.

Low money? No problem! You might also qualify for some FREE electricity on us, it’s no biggie. Find out today.



The Solareum SHS Max is the one of a kind patent pending technology that is the first to offer thermal heating on a large scale. SHS Max is the perfect addition to meet your heating needs pumping out 10,000 BTUs to cut reliance on dirty energy. Say Bye Bye to those steep winter oil bills with the ONLY name in Solar Heating.

Solareum Home & Renewables is proud to bring you our cutting-edge technology with the only Solar Heating System on the market, as part of our triple-play.


Battery Backup

We have partnered with Sonnen to bring the premier storage options for your home. Solar storage batteries provide complete off grid reliability. This will keep you powered through any natural disasters while utilizing minimal space in a sleek design.

Solareum Home & Renewables is partnering with Sonnen to offer you top-of-the-line storage in the world’s first solar triple-play.

Coming Soon 

Community Solar

Solareum Home & Renewables is rolling out nationwide “Roofless Solar”. As the fastest growing provider we have finally gotten in the market of bringing solar to renters. If you do not have the roof space or in an apartment… Don’t worry we now have the solution for you to participate in your planet.

​Can’t get the actual panels where you live? Solareum Home & Renewables Community Solar program is a no brainer!

10% Guaranteed Savings.

All on one bill.*

No panels. No problem.

*Find out if your area qualifies for Consolidated Billing

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