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Lower your energy
consumption and
increase your bottom line

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Does your business have a HVAC?

JLC Energy LLC in Partnership with IntelliHVAC is the most sophisticated and effective way to reduce energy consumption in HVAC systems. It uses a combination of post-purge and compressor-cycle technologies and works in both heating and cooling modes.

Reduces compressor cycles by 20%

Prevents wear and tear

Extends life of equipment

12-month ROI

Reduced CO2 Emissions—go green!

Guaranteed to reduce energy costs 10% - 30%

Lifetime warranty

Does your business have a walk-in cooler or freezer?

Reduce energy consumption and compressor cycles in your walk-in coolers and freezers with EnerG2. Our patent-pending technology provides more accurate temperature measurement through a specialized gel compound that simulates the food product temperature instead of the air temperature, which fluctuates with more volatility. It retrofits to the existing thermostat air probe and requires no additional maintenance.

Guaranteed to reduce energy costs 15% - 30%

Reduces compressor cycles by 40% - 60%

Extends life of equipment

12-month ROI

Reduced CO2 emissions—go green!

Lifetime warranty

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