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When it comes to Pennsylvania natural gas and electric suppliers, you have a choice. No longer must you trust the local Pennsylvania natural gas and electric utilities to get you the best prices. Now you can choose JLC Energy LLC  Brokerage Company as your independent natural gas and electric provider, or both! Homeowners and business owners alike can now take advantage of our competitive pricing on natural gas and electricity. This means that you can possibly receive significant savings on your monthly utility bills.  Make the switch to JLC Energy LLC Brokerage company today.

Before the deregulation of the Pennsylvania natural gas and electric utilities, homeowners, small businesses, and Industrial companies had to rely on their local utility companies such as PECO Energy Co. for both the supply and delivery of their natural gas and electricity. Now you have a choice of where your natural gas and electricity supply comes from. This increase in competition has resulted in an incredible opportunity for those seeking more favorable pricing than what the local utilities provide. At JLC Energy LLC Brokerage  company we are dedicated to finding the best pricing on Pennsylvania energy supplies and passing the potential savings on to you. Get started today and enter your zip code now!

For over 6 years, homeowners and business owners have depended on the favorable natural gas prices, electricity prices and superior customer service provided by JLC Energy LLC . Enter your zip code to find out if our natural gas supply and electric supply services can possibly save you money on your monthly utility bills. If you have any questions or concerns, contact our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives. We look forward to providing you with the premium service and competitive prices that you have been searching for. To learn more about your choices, visit Pennsylvania Utility Commission (PUC).

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